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Another Chamber? Upstart Group Says Old Guard Business Lobby Hasn't Been Doing Its Job

Gentry Collins, CEO of the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce: "My perspective is that if the old Chamber had been doing this work then there would be no need for us to exist. But my focus is on doing what we perceive to be the important work for American businesses, not being against the old Chamber. When we can ally with them, or find common purpose, I'll be thrilled about that. However, there is a large and legitimate concern that not every business had equal access to the marketplace, during and after Covid, and that the advocacy from existing organizations was not up to the task of fixing that problem."

"We’ve heard a whole variety of concerns from our members about the lack of principled advocacy on these issues, where business groups were dealing not with business issues but with social and cultural issues. I want to be clear: we are not here to be part of the social and cultural issues. We want to get back to talking about business, fiscal and economic issues. And out of businesses saying that returns to shareholders are less important than a social mission."


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