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Jeff Miller, Michael Catanzaro, and Alex Vargo will advise the group and its members on some of the most pertinent issues facing Americans today, such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the ongoing energy crisis.

The American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce is for free, fair, and open markets where decisions about whether and how to participate in ESG are made naturally by individual market participants. We absolutely oppose political mandates that seek to harm specific industries and attempt to use coercion and government power to distort market behavior.

“Our team of advisors brings tremendous experience in issues that hit home and matter most to our members, and their relationships on Capitol Hill are second to none. Their counsel will be critical as AmFree continues to build strong bonds between Republicans and its members heading into the 2022 Midterms,” said Gentry Collins, CEO of the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.

In a Bloomberg article written about our new advisors, the momentum and importance of what we are doing is clear.

"The American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce said Friday that it’s bringing on Jeff Miller, a lobbyist, fundraiser, and former aide to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican. Michael Catanzaro, who served as special assistant to Donald Trump on energy and environmental policy during his presidency, and Alex Vargo, who worked for Utah Senator Mitt Romney, are also joining."

“Americans across the country are seeing their bottom lines impacted by radical ideas that put activist groups first and shareholders and taxpayers last,” Terry Branstad, the Republican chairman of the group, dubbed AmFree Chamber, said in a statement about its environmental, social and governance views. “AmFree seeks to become the leading trade association for the business community on energy and ESG issues,” he added.

To read the full Bloomberg article, click here.

To read the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce press release, click here.


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