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AmFree Urges Congress to Pass the Delinking Revenue from Unfair Gouging (DRUG) Act This Year

S. 1542 / H.R. 6283 Will Help Lower Healthcare Costs for America’s Small Businesses and Employees

Des Moines, Iowa (December 1, 2023)

The American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce (AmFree Chamber) recently submitted a letter to Congress in strong support of S. 1542 / H.R. 6283, The Delinking Revenue from Unfair Gouging (DRUG) Act. As a leading trade organization representing American businesses of all sizes, AmFree Chamber is dedicated to advancing the principles of free enterprise, free markets, limited government, and American leadership globally.

The letter states, “We appreciate Congressional efforts thus far this year aimed at lowering our healthcare costs, and we write to urge you to swiftly pass meaningful reforms of pharmacy benefit managers – or PBMs – to lower out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs for consumers and for those of us providing health benefits for America’s workers.

“We strongly support S. 1542 / H.R. 6283, the Delinking Revenue from Unfair Gouging (DRUG) Act which would delink PBM compensation from drug costs in the commercial market. By de-linking PBM revenues from drug prices, PBM middlemen will no longer be incentivized to steer their clients and consumers toward higher-priced medicines and restrict access to less expensive generics and biosimilars.

“The PBMs are desperate to stop such reforms because these efforts will rein in the practices that have made these middlemen – the three large companies that control 80% of the drug prescribing market – some of the most profitable corporations in the world.

“American businesses and American workers urge you to advance these reforms by the end of this year. We all will benefit when we make the system work for patients and reduce prescription drug costs.”

To read the full letter, click here.

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